Located in beautiful Key West, Florida, Grace Lutheran School (GLS) has a wonderful heritage and history as a mission of Grace Lutheran Church. GLS enjoys a strong partnership with parents to provide excellence in Christian education through Team Grace.

GLS was founded in 1952. Since that time we have been offering exceptional early childhood, elementary, and middle school education to the children of Key West. GLS provides a safe atmosphere and Christ-centered education in which children can thrive and learn, both intellectually and spiritually.

GLS currently offers an infant room, a toddler room and two preschool classes as well as Kindergarten through the Eighth Grade. In addition, GLS also offers before and after-school care for our students.

Why Choose Grace Lutheran School?

Our Mission

  1. To offer students a Christ-centered education according to the highest academic standards.
  2. To educate students in the scholastic disciplines of our great Western civilization’s intellectual tradition.
  3. To develop in each student a worldview based upon the foundations of the historic Christian faith in the light of our Biblical heritage.
  4. To enable students to cultivate sound thinking, godly character traits, and the ability to acquire, process, express, and defend knowledge from a Scriptural perspective.
  5. To offer students a solid Christian and scholastic foundation that will make it possible for them to excel in all that God calls them to do throughout their lives.