Few investments have more potential than your children’s education. The way they see the world, the way they approach life, and the depth of their character are all influenced by education. The choice of where and how to educate your children can be challenging and complicated.

Educational styles and methods range from the traditional to the progressive. How does your child learn? Does he enjoy art? Technology? Does he learn spatially, visually, or audibly? Finding the right fit can be a daunting task.

Grace Lutheran School is unique in that it seeks to educate the entire child: from academics and emotional growth to friendships and spiritual growth with God. Each child at Grace Lutheran School is considered an “unrepeatable miracle of God” and is continuously encouraged to explore their unique passions, talents, and skills. Through intentionally small class sizes, students are set up for success to excel within a Christian school environment–a place where safety and love inspire innovation and creativity.