Financial Aid/Scholarship Opportunities for Students in Grades Kindergarten – 8th

Financial Aid/Scholarships for Income Eligible Students: Grace Lutheran School accepts both the Florida Tax Credit Scholarship and the Family Empowerment Scholarship. These scholarships are funded through Step Up for Students and AAA Scholarship Foundation. Applications for financial assistance can me made through both of these organizations.

Financial Aid/Scholarships for Active Duty Military Families: The AAA Scholarship Foundation also offers financial assistance to children of active duty military families. Click here for more information and to apply. Step Up for Students has also expanded their assistance to include active duty military families. Families can apply through Step Up for Students by clicking here.

Scholarships for Students with Disabilities: Does your child have an Individual Education Plan (IEP)? If so, your child may be eligible for one of the following scholarships. The McKay Scholarship is for students that have an identified educational disability and an IEP. The Gardiner Scholarship, offered through Step Up for Students, also offers various scholarship and funding opportunities for students with specific disabilities. Contact Grace Lutheran School with any questions regarding educational planning for your child and submit a copy of your child’s IEP to the main office/principal for review.

Scholarships for Victims of Bullying: Step Up for Students offers the Hope Scholarship for victims of bullying.