Scholarship Opportunities for Students in Grades Kindergarten – 8th

The Florida School Choice program (Florida Statue HB 1-2023) provides scholarships for any Florida family choosing to enroll their child in a private school – regardless of income.

There are four types of scholarships that are accepted at Grace Lutheran School:

The Florida Tax Credit Scholarship (FTC),

The Family Empowerment Scholarship for Educational Options (FES-EO),

The Family Empowerment Scholarship for Students with Unique Abilities (FES-UA) for students with an identified educational disability and an IEP, and

The Hope Scholarship (Hope) for students who have been bullied or victims of violence in public school wishing to transfer to a private school

These scholarships are funded through Step Up for Students and AAA Scholarship Foundation. Applications for financial assistance can me made through both of these organizations.

All of these scholarships offer payment of tuition, registration and academic testing fees.